Jesus replied: “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and with all your soul and with all of your mind. This is the first and greatest command. And the second is like it: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 22:37-38
In Faith Groups, we build community while doing life together.
The 5 Love Languages

Our February series is all about understanding the way you and your loved ones give and receive love. With over 20 different Faith Groups dedicated to this subject, sign up to discuss and dig deeper into this teaching in a small group setting.
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For more information about each group and its location, please contact the group leader by email.

  • Basketball 30 and Up
  • Age 30 and up can come be discipled and play in a friendly environment.
    Mondays | 7pm
    32825 (Curryford gym) | Jeff Gomez |

  • Brothers-N-Basketball 19-29yrs
  • Ages 19-29 can come be discipled and play in a friendly environment.
    2nd and 4th Saturday | 2pm
    32825 | Andre McKay

  • Chess For Christ
  • Come and enjoy playing Chess in a fun filled environment with Christian believers from all ethnic backgrounds.
    1st and 3rd Friday | 6pm | B204
    32825 | Ruben Figueroa | wse4822@yahoo.copm

  • Dominoes 4 Jesus (MEN)
  • 1st and 3rd Friday | 6:30 pm
    32825 | David Aviles |

  • Dominoes played in a whole new way.
    1st and 3rd Friday | 6:30pm
    32825 | Minerva Davila |

  • Healing at Pool
  • Healing can come in various ways, and just being with the guys can provide a outlet for emotional healing. Come play pool and fellowship, as we talk Jesus and His impact on our lives.
    2nd and 4th Friday | 7pm | Mainstream Building
    Gary Tucker |

  • Faith Bowling  League
  • Come experience Bowling in a Faith-filled environment.
    Email for Times and Location | Buddy Presley |

  • Fellowship For the Deaf
  • This Fellowship night for the deaf will feature a night of games, laughs and fun. For the hearing impaired and those connected to the Deaf Ministry of Faith Assembly.
    Last Friday of Every Month | 7pm
    32825 | Ginny Manzella |

  • Soccer Fellowship
  • Fellowship with friends and family in a full soccer games.
    1st and 3rd Saturday | 9am
    32825 | Danny Alvarez |

  • Wheels of Faith Motorcycle Ministry
  • Experience fellowship and evangelism from the open road.
    32825 | Jeff Dewitt |

  • Essential For A Start Up
  • Come and enjoy a six week course on the basics of starting a business.
    Tuesday | 7pm | B203
    32825 | Ruben Figueroa |

  • Faith Business Group Meeting
  • How doing business Gods way creates Godly results
    Wednesdays | 7am
    32829 | Tom Martinez |

  • Faith Business Lunch and After Hours
  • The Faith Business Luncheon and After-Hours events are for business owners and managers within the Faith Assembly family. Each meet-up event offers opportunities to network and connect with other business owners in a spirit-filled environment designed to express creative ideas for Spiritually and Business growth.
    3rd Floor Atrium | Curry Ford Campus
    32829 | Ruben Figueroa – Tom Martinez |

  • Faith Travel Group
  • Creating experiences that help people grow in relationship with Jesus and each other. Delivering a life-enriching experience that creates memories that will last a lifetime.
    1st and 3rd Friday | 7 pm | Room B210 Curry Ford Campus
    32825 | LaTanya Newell |

  • TEACH: T-hankful E-ducators A-ppreciate C-reative H-elp
  • Encouraging educators while having fun sharing classroom experiences and discussing new and creative ways to engage with students.
    32825 | Michelle Morales |

  • World Changers of Faith
  • This group meets to organize and create ways to impact missions and meet the needs of other ministry areas.
    Tuesdays | 6pm
    32825 | Ruben Figueroa |

  • Creative Crafts Workshop
  • Creating social opportunity and spiritual living through the arts and crafts.
    Every other Thursday | 7pm | Room B210 Curry Ford Campus
    32825 | Maria Delvalle |

  • Dorcas
  • Dorcus is a sewing ministry for missions. Making dresses and clothes for those in need is the over arching purpose of this group. We would love to have you join us, as we bless those in need.
    Saturdays | 10am | Behind the bookstore
    32825 | Ann Clawson

  • Creative Painting
  • Deliverance Through Creativity and Art. Creative Painting.
    Every other Monday | 7pm | Room B202 Curry Ford Campus
    32825 | Wanda Gonzalez |

  • The Walk: Finding Faith through Music
  • Faith and Music are built and developed in this creative look at music and life.
    Mondays | Kids Theater 1 Curry Ford Campus
    32825 | Daunte Gallier |

  • His Image, My Style
  • Learn about embracing your real image and true beauty to become a kingdom role model in today’s culture.
    Thursday’s | 7pm
    32825 | Lizette Gonzalez |

  • Tabitha’s Quilts
  • From Acts chapter 9, Design quilts and build relationships as You will discover the heart of Tabitha, who the Bible says, “was always doing good and helping the poor.”
    Saturdays | 9:30am
    32812 | Roberta Duval |

  • United By Grace
  • See the word in a different perspective as we grow deeper through art.
    32829 | Zulma Feliciano |

  • Alpha Program (Starts March 6)
  • If you are a new believer, you will enjoy this new 12 week program that helps you navigate the waters of life and your new found faith. Only 20 people will be accepted for this program per-session. Food is provided.
    Wednesday’s | 6pm
    32825 | Patrick Silva |

  • The Battle Plan for Prayer
  • In this small group we discuss the strategies for praying through battles.
    Thursdays | 7pm | E202
    32825 | Travis Casteel |

  • Bilingual Friends
  • Faithful bilingual friends meeting to better learn english in order to get connected in the Church.
    Thursdays | 7pm
    32828 | Edelmira Rosario |

  • Christian Living on Todays College Campus
  • A fellowship of Students, sharing together in order to grow as Christians on today college campus.
    Tuesdays | 7pm
    32823 | Lee Braddock |

  • Caminando en Fe (All Spanish group)
  • God is revealed as we learn to live out of who we are in Him.
    2nd and 4th Saturday | 7-8:30pm
    32707 | Silvia Vega |

  • Evangelistic Discipleship and Fellowship
  • Enjoy a great time of fellowship and discipleship as you grow in your faith and explore opportunities to share your faith.
    Tuesday’s | 7pm
    32825 | Jewel Stonecypher |

  • Friendship in Christ
  • A time to develop Godly relationships through fellowship, prayer and devotion.
    Thursdays | 10:30am
    32832 | Xueling Toews |

  • The Garden: Ladies Faith Group
  • Faith and Fun abounds in this Ladies only discipleship group that dives head-first into all things spiritual living.
    Saturdays | 10am | 10024 Marsh Pine Circle, Orlando, FL.
    Daphne Feria |

  • Men’s Breakfast
  • Fellowship and sharpen each other through spiritual and natural nourishment
    Tuesdays | 7:30am
    32825 | Kevin Slack | T:407-558-7278

  • Millionaire Masterminds (Men)
  • Come and join spiritual life coach Marq Neasman as he discusses ways to maximize your potential as a man of God.
    Every other Sunday | 1pm | B209
    32825 | Marq Neasman |

  • Getting out of debt together!
    32828 | Ted Leka |

  • Parenting and Family
  • Presenting helpful information for parenting, relationships, and family life skills.
    2nd and 4th Friday | Room E204
    Nancy Montealegre | 407-766-9639

  • Prayer Power
  • Why is prayer so influential? Answer this question through the practice of powerful prayer.
    1st and 3rd Thursdays | 7pm
    32822 | Travis Casteel |

  • Purpose Driven Life (Spanish)
  • This group is for Spanish speaking men and women only. Come experience the transformational devotional Purpose Driven Life totally in Spanish.
    Monday’s | 7pm
    32825 | Luis Lopez |

  • The Real You (ladies only)
  • Don’t let life define you, but define your life by discovering who God says you are.
    34771 | Penelope Tucker |

  • Small Group Success
  • This group is a three week review and demonstration of successful habits and techniques for small groups.
    32829 | Dr Dave Bush |

  • Upper Room Meeting With Jesus
  • Spending time with Jesus gives affords us greater potential for following Him. As we are filled by His Holy Spirit, our eyes are opened to the potential for greater
    Saturday’s | 6:30pm
    32803 | Tom Johnson |

  • Writers of Faith
  • Discover a new way to converse about God through the power of the written word
    2nd and 4th Monday
    32828 | Ruben Figueroa |

  • A Time Of Refreshing
  • Come fellowship and spiritually connect as we unwind, and release in order to be refreshed by God and friendships.
    1st and 3rd Friday | 7pm
    32832 | Renee Hunt |

  • Coupon Swapping
  • Coupons are a must! Learn how to use coupons to your financial advantage in this fun-filled small group.
    1st and 3rd Tuesday | 7pm | Room B213 Curry Ford Campus
    Tracey Boyer and Jill Gavornik |

  • Every Single Woman’s Battle
  • All Single Ladies come out and discuss the struggles that go with being single.
    Sunday | 2pm | Prayer Room, Curry Ford Campus
    Latanya Newell |

  • Get Fit With Faith
  • Come get fit Ladies! Fit in Mind, Body, and Spirit.
    Saturday | 9:30am | Room E310 Curry Ford Campus
    Inez Savage |

  • Growing Strong Together
  • Each Day is a New Day, and you are not alone. Come grow with us as we build relationships with each other and with Christ.
    Monday | 7pm | Room B210 Curry Ford Campus
    Cindy Staten |

  • Grupo De Oración De Mujeres Oasis (Spanish Only)
  • En Cristo, todo es posible. Encuentra un Oasis en Él, cuando nuestra relación crece en Dios.
    Tuesday | 7pm | Room B203 Curry Ford Campus
    Wanda Cintron|

  • His Image, My Style
  • Fashion is essential, but why are you dressing the way you are? Come explore how you can be fashionable and still represent Christ.
    Thursday | 7pm
    32825 | Liz Bartolomei |

  • Ladies Bible Study
  • It’s all about the Bible! Discover how God’s word can transform the way you live and think during this Spirit-filled time.
    Every Other Saturday | 8am
    Andrea Holder | 407-230-7999 (for more information)

  • Ladies Discipleship
  • Discipleship is a key ingredient to successful Christian living and acting.
    Monday | 7pm | Behind the Bookstore, Curry Ford Campus
    Beverly Wicks and Ann Clawson |

  • Ladies Intercessory Prayer
  • Intercessory prayer is a special gift. Come not only participate, but learn about the role intercessors have in Spirit-led Kingdom work.
    Tuesday | 7pm | Prayer Room, Curry Ford Campus
    Denise Serrano-Torres |

  • Mom of Faith
  • Being a Mom can be difficult. Come and be encouraged, loved on and supported by married and single moms who like you, are looking for friendship and spiritual support.
    1st and 3rd Tuesday | 7pm | Choir Room, Curry Ford Campus
    Lisa Godfrey and Alfreda Forshee

  • Tuesday Morning Prayer
  • A powerful morning prayer gathering, that will encourage and affirm you in your spiritual identity and walk with Christ.
    Tuesday | 9:30am | Guest Welcome Center, Curry Ford Campus
    Joann Demola and Dianne Moore |

  • Women need Women Support Group
  • How Sweet it is to find yourself in the company of supportive and caring women.
    Tuesday | 7pm | B209 Curry Ford Campus
    Beverly Wicks and Ann Clawson |

  • W.O.R.D Women Of Right Devotion
  • No matter where you are, or where you’ve been, it’s always the right time to start thinking and living a Christ-centered life. This begins with the W.O.R.D. Come and enjoy Godly fellowship and learn to live what you believe.
    Thursday | 10am | Prayer Room, Curry Ford Campus
    Candice Sharpe |

  • Women of Strength & Dignity
  • Learn to Be the Woman you are meant to be. You are always going to be challenged in life, but that does not have to rob you of who you are. Come fellowship and grow with Women of Strength and Dignity.
    2nd and 4th Monday | 10am | Prayer Room, Curry Ford Campus
    Shallie Santos |

  • Smart Step Families
  • Environment where couples can learn skills and receive support towards growing a healthy Blended Family.
    32825 | Angel & Aida Delgado |

  • Growing Together
  • Marriage Enrichment & Fellowship. (Kids Welcome)
    32825 | Greg & Lydia King |

  • Family Life
  • Infuse life and God’s love into marriage & family.
    32828 | Jason & Patricia Shaw |

  • The Way of the Lord for a Blessed Marriage
  • Marital teaching and guidance for couples with or without kids
    32825 | Ranjith & Mary Thalakiriyawe |  /

  • Sacred Marriage
  • Devotional & Fellowship for Married Couples
    32822 | CR & Blance Wise |

  • H.O.M.E.
  • Helping Others Move & Evolve. A group focused on growth in Christ through support and fellowship. HOME’s primary focus is to provide support in marriages struggling with addictions.
    32826 | Kevin & Patrice Franklin |

  • Courageous Series
  • Men looking for practical insights on how to take a stand on a daily basis.
    Monday’s | 7pm | Kids Theater 2
    Gerry Sharpe |

  • Men of Integrity
  • “Character is who you are when no one is looking”. This group will encourage and disciple you into becoming a true man of integrity.
    Thursday’s | 7pm | B203
    Danny Alvarez |

  • Men’s Prayer
  • Come meet with other men as you pray and find the excitement and hope that come from inviting the God who hears and answers prayer into your life.
    Saturday | 7am | Prayer Room
    Tim Mackey |

  • Tips 4 Men
  • Calling all men, to come and enjoy fellowship and great conversation as we discuss topics like being transparent, intentional and personal.
    1st and 3rd Thursday | 8am | Burger King at Red Bug Rd.
    John Pantuso |

  • This Is Serious Christianity
  • Tuesday | 7pm | Guest Welcome Center
    Chuck Reif |

  • All Things Art/Ladies Cleaning Services
  • Enjoy time together with friends in a creative God centered environment.
    Saturdays | Michigan Street
    Yashira Gomez | | 407-810-1572

  • Bad Girls of the Bible Book Club
  • Enjoy time together with friends in a creative God centered environment.
    Fridays | Michigan Street
    Denise Hicks

  • Come Walk with Me
  • Walking can be beneficial for not only your physical well-being, but for your spiritual well-being as well. Come join us as we walk for health reasons as well as learn how to “walk the talk” together.
    Saturdays | 8am | Michigan Street
    Ronald and Roxanne Bowser |

  • Frap Chat
  • Fellowship and chat about all aspects of life.
    1st and 3rd Monday | 7pm | Panera Bread, South Semoran near the airport
    Marisol Ruiz |

  • Ladies Walking in Faith
  • Faith is the most important aspect of relationship with an unseen God. Enjoy fellowship and encouragement as we learn to walk with God by faith together.
    Saturdays | 7am | Lake Underhill
    Sonia Mitchell | | 407-535-6239

  • Living Out Your True Identity
  • Do you know who you are? In this Small group, we take a look at our Identity in Christ, and how we can live our natural lives out of our true identity.
    Saturdays | 5pm
    Concepcion Torres | | 407-765-6739

  • Married or committed couples fellowship with a Christ-focused Bible study. Couples discuss issues affecting their relationships, parenting, problem-solving; activities including couples get-togethers, camping trips, picnics, dinners
    Sundays between services, at Michigan Street Campus
    Raymond and Leslie Funk & Ed and Liz Padilla |

  • Men’s fellowship, discussion, and prayer.
    Tuesdays | 7pm | Michigan Street
    Pastor Estany Ruiz & Raymond Funk

  • Recovery with Faith
  • I choose to change! A small group for those dealing with addiction. As you make the choice to change and work with God, remember, you are not alone.
    Sundays | Michigan Street
    John Harbour | | 321-594-1500

  • A time of coming together and prayer intended to go deeper and grow closer in Christ.
    Every other Tuesday, at Michigan Street Campus
    Mary Grace |

  • Surrendering the Secret
  • This small group meets for 8 weeks and is confidential. Many women hide the secret of abortion deep in their hearts and they are suffering severe consequences. They carry a great burden of shame and failure, afraid to reveal their hidden pain, and by doing so are forced to endure the long-lasting effects in isolation. Surrendering the Secret will allow women to release this burden and find freedom through ‘redemptive community’ while experiencing hope and joy, as shame and failure are replaced with beauty.
    Wednesdays | 7pm
    Mary Grace and Concepcion Torres | | 407-895-5683

  • Radiate
  • Learn how to let your light so shine that all man may see your good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.
    32822 | Michael Santiago |

  • L.O.V.E Our Youth
  • Empower yourself as you empower our youth! Join us as we inspire youth from various walks of life to ignite their God-given potential.
    Please email for location and time | Lasheena Williams |

  • Dreamers
  • A collaboration for Singles with dreams and ideals for development and discipleship.
    32825 | Pastor Lester |

  • The Grip – Single Parents
  • A fellowship group for Single moms and dads
    32829 | Edith Rodriquez |

  • How to Read the Bible
  • Learn to read the Bible like the original readers of it did and watch the text come alive in a whole new way!
    32825 | Adhana Davis |

  • Mentoring
  • Navigating through difficult situations
    32825 | Mareshah Smith |

  • Outdoor Adventures Group
  • Explore the great outdoors with friends.
    32825 | Eddy Febres |

  • Radiate
  • For singles who desire to share their faith through influential evangelism.
    32822 | Michael Santiago |

  • The Social
  • The Socials are singles-ministry-leader led outings that turn everyday activities, (dinner, movie, salon parks and recreation etc.), into fun opportunities for connection.
    **Meeting in various locations weekly**
    Kevin Ramirez |

  • Breakthrough Prayer
  • Come and experience the power of prayer, as we position ourselves for God to work in our lives.
    1st and 3rd Friday | 7pm | Kids Theater 2
    32825 | Rose Kiefe |

  • The FIG Initiative (Living Free)
  • 2nd Friday | 7pm
    32825 |

  • Friday Night PRAYER
  • 2nd and 4th Friday | 7pm | Kids Theater 2
    32825 | Roland and Millie Ranieri |

  • The Holy Spirit
  • A scriptural look at how the Holy Spirit can and will influence our lives on a daily basis.
    Friday | 7pm | Room E202
    32825 | Deborah Aryee |

  • Precious Jewels (Ladies only)
  • “Strength and dignity are her clothing and her position is strong and secure; And she smiles at the future​”​ Proverbs 31:25
    32828​ | Carmen Alonso​ | ​

  • THE PUSH for PRAYER: Prayer Line
  • Come learn how the art of journaling can bring stability and commitment to hearing God in life.
    Wednesday | 6am | 712-77-4700 | access code: 952985
    32729 | Mina Spellman |

  • Super Women of God
  • A women’s support fellowship that centers around 2 Corinthians 5:17.
    Thursdays | 7pm
    32829 | ​Liz Cartagena | ​

  • Grupo de Oración para Varones en Español
  • Buscar El Rostro Del Señor Y Su Presencia, Es Andar En El Camino Seguro A La Victoria. 1 Corintos 15:57
    32825​ | Bernie Perez

  • Eat to Live – Take back your Health!
  • Discover God’s truth about your spiritual and physical health.
    Tuesdays | 7pm | Room B207
    32825 | Becky Cross |

  • Get Fit With Faith (Women only)
  • A Womens fitness group, devoted to developing faith, friendship and physical and mental health.
    Saturdays | 9:30am
    32825 | Inez Savage |

  • Love Your Skin
  • Skin expert Mary Rivera shows how through loving your skin, your inner beauty flows out as well.
    Every other Thursday | 7pm
    32814 | Mary Rivera |

  • Faith and Fitness (Men)
  • Come and hang out and get fit with men of faith.
    Every other Sunday | 4pm | Basketball Court 2nd floor
    32825 | Raines Perez |

    It is our desire in Faith Groups to see your faith grow in and through areas of relationship with God, Yourself and Others.
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