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Company Name House of Hope
Location Orlando, United States
Date Posted April 11, 2017
Category External Posting
Job Type Unspecified


Two Female Staff

Shift: Friday – Sunday (Possible M – F)

General Job Description:

The House Staff have a central role in the ministry of HOH Orlando. They are the leaders of the home environment and set the tone for most of the residential atmosphere. When on duty, House Staff reside with up to six teenagers, ages 13-17, at a residential home on the HOH property. They work on a weekly or weekend schedule. They must manage the home as their own, within HOH guidelines. This needs to be a responsible person who is a Christ-like example for teenagers.

The House Staff provide guidance, leadership, accountability, prayer support and stability for hurting and troubled teens. Their role is not to replace the teen’s parents but to promote the healing and restoration of teens to their parents and families, while providing a Christ-like example for a healthy Christian home environment. House staff needs to have the spiritual and emotional strength and maturity to handle crisis situations, always putting God first and seeking His strategy with emphasis on the safety of the staff and residents.

Being in a home setting this position requires that sanitary conditions are overseen for the refrigerators, freezers, pantries and dry storage areas with reporting of weekly temperatures. Labeling food and disposing of outdated meals is required. Opportunities to include the residential teens in meal planning are encouraged.

The House Parents will be required to participate in CPR, First Aid, Restraint training, training in medication administration and any other required training. They must be at least 21 years of age.


·         Strong Christian faith and value system

·         Positive attitude and encouraging spirit

·         Passion to serve God and restore troubled teens and families

·         Experience in managing a loving Christian home

·         Lovingly nurtures the spiritual, emotional and physical growth of residents

·         Good behavior management and discipline skills

·         Good homemaking habits and skills

·         Understanding of issues that residents are facing

·         Good communication skills

·         Valid driver’s license

·         At least 21 years of age

·         Commitment to House of Hope vision, mission, principles and philosophy


Specific Job Duties:

1.       Set a Godly Christian example in the areas of:

·         Integrity: By being a disciple yourself-spending time with God, in the Word and in prayer. Balance in your relationships outside of House of Hope.

·         Positive Attitude: Demonstrating how you relate to others in a Godly manner.

·         Submission to Authority: Living and demonstrating a submitted lifestyle in all-areas social, governmental, church and family.

·         Service to Others: Putting others before yourself, respecting and honoring other staff in word and deed.


2.       Consult House Staff Manual on a regular basis for responsibilities and training.

3.       Be knowledgeable and able to implement the HOH Residential program including reading and consulting the Residential Handbook on a regular basis.

4.       Establish both an authoritative but nurturing relationship with each resident. Avoid being “buddies” with the residents.

5.       Treat all residents fairly with love and respect.

6.       Review new intake and current resident files with administrative staff and counselors.

7.       Cooperate with the Director, Teacher and Counselor(s) in developing and implementing individualized plans and goals for each teenager.

8.       Have a listening ear and an understanding heart for each resident based on a knowledge and understanding of each resident’s history.  

9.       Communicate with counselors, supervisors, teacher, and/or Director with concerns observed with a resident.

10.   Provide an environment for daily morning devotions and prayer time.

11.   Cooperate with the Counselor regarding resident’s progress and concerns.

12.   Verify that residents are meeting requirements for phase completion.

13.   Inform the Director of any problems, inconsistencies, or concerns.

14.   Establish consistent standards for house chores, campus chores and the checking of chores.

15.   Manage the household: supply inventory (food items, paper products for household, cleaning supplies and activity supplies).

16.   Consistently oversee the enforcement of the resident rules and guidelines.

17.   Approve all music, videos, and/or books utilized by the residents with the Director.

18.   Stay informed of any schedule changes among house staff and residents.

19.   Account for the spending money of residents during activities and oversee allowance tracking.

20.   Oversee appearance and approve appropriate clothing for teens per HOH guidelines.

21.   Organize and maintain inventory of household items and supplies.

22.   Oversee chores and routine household duties for the teens.

23.   Teach and come alongside the residents with basic life skills.

24.   Transport the teens to scheduled activities in cooperation with the Director.

25.   Implement appropriate disciplinary action with residents per HOH guidelines.

26.   Administer medications according to HOH policies and procedures.

27.   Monitor medication refills.

28.   Ensure that all paperwork which the House Staff is responsible for is completed and executed properly.

29.   Spend quality time with the residents and plan leisure time activities.

30.   Oversee that parents are informed of all visitations/passes and loss of passes.

31.   Pray and provide a quiet time for the teens on a daily basis to establish Godly habits with the Lord.

32.   Communicate with on-coming staff any information necessary to meet the needs of residents.

33.   Oversee academic aspects including homework and special projects as needed.

34.   Oversee proper personal hygiene habits for the teens.

35.   Complete and submit progress logs daily and any medical issues and incident logs as needed.

36.   Monitor and report the resident’s time on the phone with family weekly.

37.   Confront disciplines in love and follow through during your shift.

38.   Attend weekly house staff and all staff meetings, prepared to discuss each resident.

39.   Attend all house staff training sessions as needed.

40.   Confront in love, pray through issues and be able to explain the program rules.

41.   Capitalize on teachable moments and practical life lessons.

42.   Insure the completion of the following forms when appropriate. Forms must be detailed and completed in a timely manner. Forms include: Medication Logs, Account Logs, Telephone Logs, Accident/Incident Reports, and any additional reports deemed necessary.

43.   Assist in training of support staff and help establish consistent standard in procedures, activities, discipline, grace, etc.

44.   Participate in new resident intake with lead house staff unless otherwise assigned.

45.   Other duties, as described.


Benefits and Conditions:

·  Paid vacation time when teens are on scheduled holiday breaks.


Contact: Erika Robinson (Program Director)


P: (407) 843 -8686 EXT. 313


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