Living Free Ministries

Living Free Ministry is all about developing healthy people. Using God’s Word
and healing power to help people gain victory over life’s challenges.

Living Free is a ministry of ongoing groups using God’s Word and healing power to help people gain victory over life’s challenges. Personal success and freedom come as participants progress through the biblical materials and programs offered.
Our prayer is for everyone to experience victory in life and relationships. We invite you to begin your journey this week by joining a Living Free group. May God’s Peace and Grace overflow in your life, – Pastor Jim Angelakos
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Managing Emotions

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B204

  • Book: Anger Our Master or Our Servant
  • This course offers a clear explanation of anger, what causes it and how to recognize when you are sinning with anger. This program includes tips on managing anger as well as ten steps for preventing anger’s control in your life.

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B208

  • Book: Boundaries
  • When to say “YES” and how to say “NO” to take control of your life. Mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts and opinions.
Changes that Heal

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B207

  • Book: Changes that Heal
  • Teaches that there are Biblical changes to make in our lives to bring healing.

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B210

  • Book: DivorceCare
  • The easiest and most effective way to help people who are experiencing life crises such as separation or divorce finding hope and healing.
DC4K – DivorceCare for Kids (Ages 5-11)

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B215

  • DivorceCare for Kids is a safe, fun place where your children (ages 6 to 11) can learn skills that will help them heal. DC4K groups blend games, music, stories, videos and discussions to help kids process the divorce and move forward.
(K)new U (Ages 12 – 17)

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B214

  • A group designed to help teens learn to cope with emotions caused by the stress of change and rejection while learning how to identify safe people and live loved.
Gender Dysphoria & Same-Sex Attraction Family Support Group

    Last Friday of the Month | 7pm | Room B209

  • A group exclusively fashioned to support families with loved ones dealing with Gender Dysphoria or Same-Sex attraction.
God & the 12 Steps

    Fridays | 7pm | Room E304

  • A group for men and women suffering from addiction to drugs, alcohol, food and/or gambling. Come see where the first 12 step program and the Bible meet…and experience true freedom through a loving and all powerful God!

    Tuesdays | 7pm | Room B204

  • Book: GriefShare
  • Help and encouragement after the death of a loved one. GriefShare is a special group designed to help you rebuild your life and find hope.

    2nd & 4th Thursdays | 7pm | Room E205

  • A support group for those who have lost a friend or loved one to suicide.
Healing from the Effects of Abortion

    Thursdays | 7pm | B209

  • This group is open to everyone who has been affected by an abortion. Or anyone wanting to help someone in the valley of decision. We will discuss how this decision is still affecting our roles as Parents and Spouses/Individuals. Also how to live a life free from a decision filled with guilt and shame.
Every Man’s Battle (For Men Only)

    Sundays | 1pm | B208 |

  • Book: Every Man’s Battle
  • Learn to overcome the struggle of sensual images and remain strong in the face of temptation. Mentoring is also available in conjunction with this group.
Identifying Safe People

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B205

  • Book: Safe People
  • This class offers solid guidance for making safe choices in relationships including friendships, romance, and family members. Learn to recognize what makes people trustworthy and how to avoid unhealthy relationships.
Marriage 911 – Healing Marriages

    Sundays | 1pm | B207
    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B206

  • Book: Changes that Heal
  • Come together for Biblical teaching to restore and optimize your relationships with God and your spouse. This class teaches that there are Biblical solutions for healing your marriage.
Single & Parenting

    Thursdays | 7pm | Room B211

  • Single & Parenting is a support group where you can find tips and parenting wisdom that will help you find rest, hope and encouragement.
Women of Wisdom (For Ladies Only)

    Mondays | 7pm | Room B204

  • Book: Fight Like a Girl
  • How can women feel good about themselves when society is constantly dictating what they can and should be? Instead of trying to adopt ill-fitting character traits, women should see themselves as designed and valued by God and savor their feminity as their strength, not a flaw.
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