Check up on yourselves. Are you really Christians? Do you pass the test? Do you feel Christ’s presence and power more and more within you? Or are you just pretending to be Christians when actually you aren’t at all?”
– 2 Corinthians 13:5 TLB

Most of us make sure our homes are properly maintained, assuring that we have a landscaping that is decently tended and a car that is properly oiled. But did you know Spiritual Maintenance should also be a common practice in the life of the believer? In this passage, the Corinthian church had allowed sin to increase among them and Paul, the author of this book, traveled to check on them and make sure they were on track with the Lord. His words challenged them as they do to us today: Check yourself. Ask yourself, has your walk with the Lord been strong lately? Are you consistently spending time with the Lord in prayer? In the words of Paul, “Check up on yourselves.”

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