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Frequently Asked Questions

In our effort to making giving easier than ever, we introduce our new platform Pushpay. By the end of September, this new solution will fully override our preexisting giving platform. You may give a one-time gift, schedule recurring gifts, or view your contribution statement after you have created a login. Because of the nature of this transition, we understand that you may have some questions along the way.

Don’t worry, all of your giving history will remain right where you left it.
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Our new platform enables more flexibility with scheduling your automated giving, makes internal tracking more efficient, and reduces processing costs. After prayerful consideration and market research, we’re confident this solution is the right choice for making giving not only a more secure and simpler process than ever, but also the most cost-effective.
The new giving platform officially launches in service on Sunday, September 9, 2018 however Pushpay will fully override all pre-existing digital giving methods as of Monday, October 1, 2018.
We encourage you to directly link your online giving to your Bank Account rather than your Debit Card. Bank Account giving, also know as ACH, saves us money on processing fees, allowing the maximum dollars possible to go directly to ministry use. To give with your Bank Account, you will enter an account and routing number. Aside from reducing internal fees, linking your online giving account to your Bank Account will save you from having to update your giving profile in the event that your Debit Card is ever lost, stolen, or expired.
We accept gifts via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as our highly preferred method with your Bank Account(ACH).
We thank you for jumping on board with our previous giving platform, but we kindly ask you to make this transition with us. Use the links below to complete our simple two-step process, by setting up your BRAND NEW giving profile and discontinuing your previous giving schedule.

STEP ONE: Set up your BRAND NEW giving profile by using the links based on your primary campus:

Curry Ford Campus
Michigan Street Campus
Red Bug Lake Campus

STEP TWO: Discontinue your previous giving schedule by logging into your account on our OLD PLATFORM HERE so that you don’t get double-charged.

All the same ways will be available. You will still be able to give through the Faith Assembly App, our website, text message, the kiosks, and envelope.
Yes. Mobile giving is made easy by opening a new text to “77977,” entering in your campus-specific code, and following the prompts.

Michigan St: FAITHMSC
Red Bug Lake: FAITHRBC

You may have questions as you go through this transition, and we are here to help. Should you need assistance, we’re only a phone call or email away. Direct technical issues to Faith’s Help Desk at 407-203-4949 or For financial inquiries, contact Faith’s Finance Department at 407-275-8790 or

If you have technical questions, contact Faith’s Help Desk at 407-203-4949 or
If you have financial questions, contact Faith’s Finance Department at 407-275-8790 or

… until we officially launch our new giving platform in service on Sunday, September 9, 2018.

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